Only 21 days before I leave.

I have been going through my checklist today to ensure that I have everything I need for my Camino. The big day is the 19th August.

I weighed everything today and was delighted to see that my pack weight was 6kg including water.

The heaviest item was my pack at 886 grams. I’ve included needles (prethreaded for blister popping), all my medication, (curcumin tablets for inflammation-arthritis, triple boron for rebuilding damaged cartilage, blister prevention tape, asthma medication) etc, etc as Yul Bryner said in the King and I.

Im also taking 3 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, lightweight plastic raincoat  (my $2 special from the surplus shop) pair of long trousers, soap, underarm deodorant.

im not taking a razor as it’s not necessary at my age to shave every day. Will shave at the end.

Anyway I now have everything I need and am nervously awaiting the big day. My wife has just st given me some tablets for diarrhoea which is possibly a good idea.

I have Permethrin arriving in 3 days and I’ll soak my pack and silk liner in that, to foil the little bed buggers that I have read so much about.

As I’m retired I’ve been able to do quite a bit of training but I’ll start doing longer treks from tomorrow. I wonder if everyone says that as they approach the big day.

i was able to get cheap flights to Athens and will spend a day sightseeing before flying to Biarritz to meet my eldest daughter for a couple of days to get over my jet lag. Then a day in St Jean de Pied de Port and I’m off tramping.

Most of the stuff I’ve bought has been over the net and I’ve saved a huge amount by doing so. For example

  • Merrill shoes only $100 not $240
  • backpack $65 not $130
  • silk liner $38 not $120
  • head light $12 not $40

As you can see from the photo I’ve put everything in plastic bags as I don’t want the items to get wet.

Well that’s it from me so I’ll do another blog a little closer to the big day.






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